Government can make or break a project. Regulatory changes, access to markets or accreditation of product; creating a pathway for your campaign to succeed is critical. 


Let us help you navigate the complex environment within Government to make sure you succeed. We provide strategic advice on how to position your issue and help you build and execute an effective advocacy plan. 


We bring political knowledge, perspective and wide networks. This ensures that the right message gets to the right person at the right time.



To support your lobbying efforts we can help you build support for your case in the broader public. 


This starts with sending the right messages to the right audience. 


We can gather opinion data on the values that drive public and political attitudes and what shapes opinions and sentiments within your target community. Using this information, we help you craft targeted messages that speak to your stakeholders’ internal drivers and influence their decision making.


The data is provided by our partnership network. This network comprises teams of people with decades of experience in politics in Australia and abroad and are amongst the best public opinion researchers in the country, providing the background work to campaigns that have shifted opinions on major policy issues and changed Government across Australia. 


Communications is where a good campaign can be turned into a great one, and is at the heart of any successful campaign.


Great messaging means nothing if the right people don’t hear it. Often, a target community can comprise a range of demographics which requires a proficient communication strategy to turn you opinion research into results for your campaign.


To ensure our communications strategies align with world’s best practice,we have partnered with one of the world’s leading communications firms. Not only does this give us the ability to run any size public campaign across all forms of media, it also gives us access to the latest social media strategies and data analytics to tailor the right campaign for our clients.



There is a reason that the book ‘how to win friends and influence people’ is one of the world’s best-sellers. You can never have too many friends when it comes to a public affairs campaign. An effective public affairs campaign has to have a focus on having a broad range of advocates, people who believe in what you are doing and are prepared to stand by your side and speak out for it. It needs to have the people you represent or work with at the core of your supporters: your consumers, your members or your clients.

We can help you gather your existing supporters,  identify new ones, and work with them to make sure they become champions for your cause.

Whether it’s business associations, consumer groups, think tanks, NGOs, social activists, or members of the public, we can help you reach out and build your support base to make sure you achieve your objectives.



Businesses and organisations no longer have the luxury of removing themselves from political discourse. Your consumers and stakeholders expect you to take a stance on issues around environmental performance, social responsibility, inequality and social justice. You can get it right or you can get it very wrong. News websites are littered with an impressive array of senior corporate leaders who waded, confidently straight into a public media quagmire, ending up on the wrong side of the debate, as a result damaging their reputation and suffering negative commercial consequences.


Our vast range of experience means that we have dealt with almost every hot button issue through our political work, social activism and civil society involvement. We will advise and coach your leadership and management on how to deal with these issues, issues that, whilst not necessarily related to your business directly, have the ability to strengthen or diminish your public standing.